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Ready to hire me? It’s really simple. I currently charge an hourly rate for my services. Just pick the number of hours that looks like it will be best for you, and use the handy buttons at the bottom of this page to buy them! These hours will be used specifically for your projects and tasks and nothing more. You can buy and pay as you go, or buy a lot of hours up front to last for a while.

Note that there may be an additional fee for rush projects. Please contact me with your projects, so we can create a plan that will best meet your needs. Click here to read my policies and terms.


1 hour$30
5 hours – $150
10 hours – $300
20 hours – $595

Hours of Availability

I am usually available between 8-5 Monday-Thursday and 8-12 on Friday. I am off on weekends and all federal holidays.

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