“I have been hiring Chantel for her VA work, and she is fabulous! I am sooo delighted with her abilities and her sweet, sweet spirit! Thank you Chantel! Spread the word ladies – she does awesome, fast, professional work!” 
September McCarthy, author of Hula Hoop Girl, Speaker, Host of Raising Generations Today

You are magical!
Phyllis, of The Wise Woman

“Chantel has flawless taste, is full of sweet encouragement and makes the technical side of social media feel simple.”
-Natasha Metzler, author of Pain Redeemed

“Hiring Chantel to manage our social media has been one of the best decisions for our ministry.  Not only does she take care of the daily details, but she generates excitement and contributes new ideas on an ongoing basis.  We’ve seen our engagement and interaction increase dramatically through Chantel’s expertise.  Releasing the social media details to Chantel has taken away the headache and allowed me to focus on the tasks that only I can do.”
-Gretchen Louise, founder and editor of KindredGrace.Com

“I hired Chantel to manage my social media for a week while I was in NY, and she really amped up the engagement. I was very impressed.”
-Kalyn Commings, Blogger at Creative Savings

“Have I said how much I love working with (Chantel)? You make me feel like your only priority.” 
Tiffany King, Eat At Home Cooks

“I have no hesitation in recommending Chantel as a consultant and manager of all things related to social media and social networking. Not only is Chantel technically competent, she is genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunities that social media present to individuals and organizations, be they businesses or ministries. I’m especially grateful for Chantel’s ability and willingness to identify with a specific project and pour as much time and thought into it as if it was her own. She’s quick and detailed in replying to emails and willing to brainstorm ideas. Her encouragement for baby steps and big ideas alike is is contagious. This, in my opinion, is Chantel’s greatest strength as a social media consultant and manager. Many people are technically competent as well as honest and trustworthy. It’s a special gift to be as genuinely and selflessly empowering as Chantel is — and she has this gift. It’s nothing but a pleasure working with her and I recommend her unreservedly.”
-Elisabeth Allen, author

“Chantel has a knack for knowing how to make social media seem like an adventure. Her explanation of Buffer inspired me to sign up and now I can’t imagine going back to a Buffer-less Twitter.”
Rachelle ReaAuthor

“Chantel’s content and graphics are always well thought out. We are continually blessed by the grace and encouragement that pour out of her work. She doesn’t just do a professional job, her heart also comes through.”
-Katie, blogger at notunredeemed.com